And here are the pictures.

I talked to Alex Gelsomino at the scene and he told me they were coming out of a fast corner (approximately 100 mph in 6th gear) too wide, and the side of the car started to slide into the ditch. There was banking on the other side of the ditch, and hitting this caused the car to begin rolling. Alex said he lost count after 5 rolls.

Ken had been in the lead near the end of Day 1, but then lost a lot of time on a night stage that had a lot of fog, which Ken the next morning admitted he doesn't have as much experience with as David Higgins. At the start of Day 2, Ken started pushing really hard and had made up 6 seconds on David in two stages. Then on SS12, Ken over rotated through a hairpin (which also happened to be the spectator point) and drove over a stump which caused him to go airborne. He powered out of it only to crash about a half mile further down the stage.

Both Ken and Alex were able to walk away from the crash, although Alex suffered a minor concussion. On a side note, the GoPro Ken had mounted on his roof stayed put through the whole ordeal. Those mounts are incredible.